Explore Storytelling through Photography

Monday August 9
10:00 am - 12:00pm MST

This course is all about kids exploring, having fun and telling stories with their phone cameras for a couple hours. They will have time to create a number of fun projects. We will explore new perspectives, create stories with toys, play with flat lay photography and work with fun filters.

We will explore the fun world of Canva together. Canva is a graphic design tool that is free and easy to use. Learning this tool will give hours and hours of creative development for them after class.  
Storytelling, Exploration and Fun Activities!!
Get ready for two hours of fun with our phones!! This class is all about getting creative with our storytelling and our phones! The instructor will provide lots of ideas and examples for a number of creative concepts with photography. Throw in some games and challenges and we'll start wishing we had more time together.

Seeking New Perspectives

We'll start off talking about how to photograph your subject from different angles. This is the start to capturing more interesting and intriguing photographs!!

Telling Stories with Toy Photography

Get some toys ready!! We'll be telling fun stories with our animal figurines, stuffies, lego characters ... whatever you have in your home.  

Playing with Flat Lay Photography

Flat lays are all the rage in social media. We'll learn tips on how to create gorgeous flat lays.   

Exploring Filters

There are filters on our phones, but we can make them ourselves too! This addition of creativity creates cool effects for your photos.

Working with Canva

You can have sooo much fun with Canva. You can create posters, posts, cards .... it is truly endless. Being introduced to Canva will open a whole new world of creativity to your young photographer.

Creating a Triptych

We will look at fun ways of how to create a series of 3 images that go together in a triptych.

A little bit of prep.... 

There is a little bit of preparation involved to take part in this class. It won't take long but is necessary to partake in the class. It involves downloading the Canva app and gathering some materials that would be used in class. Gathering them beforehand helps the flow of the class! After registering you'll be given all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will be spend online during this class?

This is an one-time class and not a series of classes. Kids will spend two hours together in this class.  Kids won't be looking at screen the whole time, of course! We will learn and discuss together, and then they will go off to do their projects. We'll come back to the screen to share and have fun with the next project!

2. What kind of camera does my child require to take this course?

Kids can use cameras on their phones or tablets. They can use a point and shoot or DSLR camera, but as we are working with our photographs in Canva, they would need to use the cord to connect their camera to the computer during class so they can have immediate access to their images. 

3. What is the ideal age for kids taking this course?

Kids will need to be comfortable being in a Zoom meeting for two hours and moving from screen time with teacher to photo take projects. Kids aged 7 - 12 will really enjoy this class.

Created by

Janet Pliszka