Because every kid has stories to tell.

30 Story-based Photography Challenges

designed specifically for kids and youth

A Mix of Videos, e-books, and Activities

emphasizing self-expression and visual storytelling

A Positive and Inclusive Community Hub for kids

to share and view each others images from around the world

Lessons that can be easily integrated

into homeschooling "creative time"

Share stories.
Challenge your creativity.
Learn to experiment, play and even break the rules!

Kids can use a camera, phone or tablet to complete their challenges.  They'll receive one challenge a day for 30 days. Each challenge teaches a new skill or opens kids eyes to a new idea to try.  Kids can share their images in the community hub if they wish.

Course Creator:  Janet Pliszka

Janet is the creator of Kids Photography Academy. She's been a professional photographer for over 15 years and has specialized in family, school and branding photography.

She's always loved watching kids get curious about her camera and that motivated her to start teaching photography in camps and schools in her city of Calgary. Now, she's thrilled to also offer online experiences for kids everywhere through KPA. Her students describe her as super encouraging, fun and knowledgeable.

She is all about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft she loves so much.   She looks forward to seeing you soon!