KPA Alumni Club

Welcome to the KPA Alumni Club— a fun and supportive community designed to nurture your love for photography and provide you with inspiration and friendly nudges to continue your photography journey. 

Kids receive monthly inspiration and complete challenges on their own schedule. 

Simple.  Easy.  Motivating. 

This community is exclusively for kids who have completed Kids Photography Academy summer camps or Rock Your Camera courses.

Limited seats each season.

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We want to keep that love for photography alive and thriving in you!

Joining the club means having a bunch of and exciting things to look forward to.   

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12 month Membership

Every Month, you'll Receive:

Monthly Photo Adventures

To further expand your skills and ignite your creativity, you receive a monthly photography exercise to experiment with new techniques and discover fresh perspectives. And of course you'll get a challenge to help you put your learnings into practice!!

Weekly Photo Quests

You'll receive 4 photography prompt, one for each week!  These fun prompts are designed to keep you engaged and motivated. They will encourage you to think creatively, explore various themes and styles, and push the boundaries of your artistic expression.

Kid-Powered Community

You'll have access to our cool gang of young photographers, just like you! This platform will enable you to share your awesome photos, exchange ideas, and connect with other kids who share your love for photography. 

Limited seats each season. 
Hold your spot by August 26th to join!!

1.   Click the ENROLL button at top of page to register.

2.  Receive your confirmation email.

3.  Receive your first of 12 monthly emails in mid-September