Tuesdays at 5:00 - 6:00 PM MST
Nov 15 - 29, 2022

This is a live online photography course for kids to envision, talk about and create their own powerful photo series with KPA founder, Janet Pliszka.

- explore various photo series and discuss what an impactful series entails
- learn how to create different types of photo series
- envision, plan and shoot your own photo series
- give and receive feedback on each others' work 
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Week 1

  • What makes a photo series  impactful
  • How to create a photo series with consistent framing and perspective
  • Envision and plan
  • How to format your series

Week 2

  • Share and discuss Week 1's photo series
  • learn how to give feedback
  • How to create a photo series with a variety of framing and perspectives
  • Envision and plan

Week 3

  • Share and discuss Week 2's photo series
  • Play with titles and captions
  • Further inspiration for future series 
  • how we can share our photography
kind words by students

Our students love our
approach to learning

"My 13 year old son really loved participating in the online "Rock your Camera" workshop! He learned so much about his new camera and was super engaged in all the classes. The activities and additional challenges presented really helped to inspire him. He certainly became more confident and creative with his camera throughout the workshop."
"Thank you so much for your teaching this week! Our son has always had an eye for detail so it’s great to get proper instruction on the potential of the camera! We appreciate you tackling the whole online piece so beautifully and the upside of the pandemic is being able to work with someone like you from anywhere in the world. I think your platform is great. It’s also very helpful to have some social interaction in the midst of too much isolation. "
"My daughter loved the the Rock your camera workshop. It is a great introduction to photography for kids. The instruction was great and my daughter loved the picture taking exercises."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will be spent online during the course?

The group will meet via Zoom at 5:00pm MST for 45-60 minutes each Monday for 3 weeks starting on November 15. Throughout the three classes, we will talk about creating a photography series. Kids will have the week to practice, experiment and play with the concepts learned and assignments given.  

What kind of camera does my child require to take this course?

This course can be taken using a phone, point and shoot camera or DSLR camera.

What is the ideal age for kids taking this course?

Kids will need to be comfortable with being in a Zoom meeting for 60 minutes. An age range of 10-16 is recommended for this camp but depends on their focus level.

How will the kids learn in this online photo course?

This FOCUS SERIES class gets kids creating an impactful photo series.  They will learn what makes a strong photo series and different ways to accomplish that. They will be exposed to many examples to reinforce their learning and provide inspiration. The class is interactive with discussion about photo series, sharing of their own ideas and feedback on others' ideas.   There is focus time during the class to envision and plan out their photo series.

After each class, kids have the week to bring their vision to life.  They are welcome to email me with questions they may run into throughout the week. They will also have online access to the material covered in class so they can go back and review whenever they need. They are also welcome to post their images to the KPA Community Hub to get feedback.  Kids will be expected to have their series completed and ready to discuss in the next class.  

Are there are prerequisites for taking this course?

No, there are not any prerequisites for taking the course. However, this course is best suited for kids who have a strong interest in photography, have already experimented with composition and want to improve their craft.
Meet the instructor

Janet Pliszka

Janet is the creator of Kids Photography Academy.   She's been a professional photographer for over 15 years and has specialized in family, school and branding photography.
She's always loved watching kids get curious about her camera and that motivated her to start teaching photography in camps and schools in her city of Calgary. Now, she's thrilled to also offer online experiences for kids everywhere through KPA.  Her students describe her as super encouraging, fun and knowledgeable.
She is all about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft she loves so much.  She looks forward to seeing you soon! 
Patrick Jones - Course author