Self-Paced Course

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- learn, play and experiment with exposure, aperture priority, shutter speed priority, and ISO
  - become comfortable making your own decisions with your camera's manual settings
- see your photos improve and love how great your photos look!
- self-directed, self-paced course (no face-to-face interaction with instructor)
-videos, e-books, and assignments
- access for 24 weeks

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Course Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will be spent online during this course?

This is a self-directed course. The amount of time it takes to complete the course will be different for different kids.

The course includes over 2 hours of videos for kids to learn about about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. In addition to the videos watched online, there are also optional e-books to review the material they saw in the video and then short quizzes for take to check their learning. From there, they will have assignments and challenges to complete. At that point, they move away from the computer and go off to practice, experiment and play with the concepts learned.

They will spend much more time learning and practicing with their cameras then online with the course.

2. What kind of camera does my child require to take this course?

The purpose of the course is to get more and more comfortable with taking your camera off automode and putting it on manual mode. Kids require a camera with manual functionality. It doesn't have to be a DSLR but it does need to have aperture priority, shutter speed priority and manual mode functionality.

Feel free to email me at click@kidsphotographyacademy.com to ask if the camera you have on hand will be appropriate.

3. What is the ideal age for kids taking this course?

This course is recommend the course for kids aged 10 and up but this does depend on their focus level and ability to work through the sections on their own or with an adult.

If kids require more teacher interaction, you may wish to sign up for a virtual ROCK YOUR CAMERA course where a KPA instructor can answer their questions directly.

4. How will the kids learn in this course?

The main concepts covered are exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and directions of light. Kids will learn about the technical aspects of what each of those mean as well as how it impacts their image in an artistic way. By the end of the course they will know how to operate their cameras in Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Speed Priority Mode and Manual Mode. You can see all the particulars of what they will be learning in the CONTENTS section above.

Throughout the sections, students will have assignments and challenges to learn, play and experiment with what they have learned. Kids will receive feedback on the photos they submit for assignments. They also have the option to post the photos in KPA's Community hub and see other kids' posted images.

5. How is this different from the virtual ROCK YOUR CAMERA course?

This ROCK YOUR CAMERA course is self-directed. Kids can start as soon as they register and work their way through the material at their own pace. Kids will submit assignments as they move through the course and receive feedback on their photo submissions.

The Virtual ROCK YOUR CAMERA course covers the same material but includes Zoom time with an instructor. The ROCK YOUR CAMERA camp has a maximum of 10 students that are taking the course at the same time.

ROCK YOUR CAMERA one-on-one camps are individualized sessions that over the same material. You have opportunity to ask every question you have as you go through the course material. Janet can spend more time on areas that you are more interested in or need a little more time and help with. And there will be plenty of time to discuss your photographs!!

6. Are there are prerequisites for taking this course?

No, there are not any prerequisites for taking the course. The student will need to be familiar with how to change the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of your camera so this may require some research or reading of the camera manual. They don't need to know why or what happens when you make these changes... they just need to know how to change the values.   

Created by

Janet Pliszka

  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Janet is the creator of Kids Photography Academy. She's been a professional photographer for over 15 years and has specialized in family, school and branding photography.

She's always loved watching kids get curious about her camera and that motivated her to start teaching photography in camps and schools in her city of Calgary. Now, she's thrilled to also offer online experiences for kids everywhere through KPA. Her students describe her as super encouraging, fun and knowledgeable.

She is all about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft she loves so much. She looks forward to seeing you soon!