Online Sessions

Dates to be scheduled

- personal, one-on-one time with KPA creator, Janet
- learn, play and experiment with exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  - start making your own decisions with your camera's manual settings to create the photos you envision
- see your photos improve and love how great your photos look!
- discuss your photos in detail.. what you did well and what you could improve
- online Zoom camp
Session #1
- what is exposure?

- how does aperture impact our photographs?

- working within aperture priority
Session #2
- what is shutter speed all about?

- how to freeze motion and how to show motion

- working within shutter speed priority
Session #3
- how does ISO impact a photograph

- starting to look at manual mode and putting everything together
Session #4
- continuing to work with manual

- how different lighting situations will influence manual settings you choose 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will be spent online during this course?

Each session is approximately 60 minutes. Throughout our four sessions together, we will discuss and practice exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and light. You will have lots of time to practice, experiment and play with the concepts learned .. .and take lots of photographs ... in between sessions.

All the material covered in our sessions is also on your course path so you can go back and review any of the concepts learned.

2. When will the course be scheduled?

After signing up for the Individual Rock Your Camera online course, we will discuss timing that works for both of us. We will need to scheduled four 60 minute classes.
If you prefer to schedule times before you sign up for the course, contact me at

We will take into consideration different times zones. I live in Calgary, which is Mountain Standard time and can accommodate other time zones.

3. What kind of camera does my child require to take this course?

The purpose of the course is to get more and more comfortable with taking your camera off automode and putting it on manual mode. So kids require a camera with manual functionality. It doesn't have to be a DSLR but it does need to have aperture priority, shutter speed priority and manual functionality.

Feel free to email me at to ask if the camera you have on hand will be appropriate.

4. What is the ideal age for kids taking this course?

Kids will need to be comfortable with being in a Zoom meeting for 60 minutes. Do know they will be doing some exercises with their camera during the 75 minutes so it's not 100% screen time!! I recommend the course for kids aged 9 and up but does depend on their focus level.

5. How will the kids learn in this course?

The main concepts covered are exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and putting it all together in manual mode. You will see loads of different examples that are shown through screen share. We will talk about the technical aspects of what each of those mean as well as how it impacts their image in an artistic way. I will keep the sessions interactive by asking youwhat they notice (one of my favourite questions!!), why a picture looks the way it does and how you would make a picture look a certain way. This helps me make sure you are understanding the concepts we learn. I always encourage lots of questions and conversation.

After the session, you will go off to learn, play and experiment with what you have learned. All the material covered in our sessions is also on your course path so you can go back and review any of the concepts learned. You will have challenges and assignments to complete with every session and will be asked to submit several photos for each session.

The first part of the next session will be dedicated to discussing what you experienced, discuss the photos you submitted and ask any questions you may have.  

6. How is this different from the ROCK YOUR CAMERA camp?

The Individual ROCK YOUR CAMERA course is just you and Janet for every session. You have opportunity to ask every question you have as you go through the course material. Janet can spend more time on areas that you are more interested in or need a little more time and help with. And there will be plenty of time to discuss your photographs!!

Both the ROCK YOUR CAMERA online camps and the Individual ROCK YOUR CAMERA sessions cover the same material... learning the manual setting of your camera. See the session information to see what information will be covered.

The ROCK YOUR CAMERA camp has a maximum of 12 students that are taking the course at the same time.  

7. Are there are prerequisites for taking this course?

No, there are not any prerequisites for taking the course. However, there is "homework" to be completed before the course begins. It is essential that your child is familiar with how to change the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of your camera. With online teaching, it is very hard for me to look at the camera and tell you how to do this. They don't need to know why or what happens when you make these changes... they just need to know how to change the values. This information will be included in a welcome section you can access as soon as you register for the course.

Created by

Janet Pliszka

  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I’m a mom, storyteller, and professional photographer for over 15 years.

I’ve always loved watching kids get curious about my camera, and so I’ve enjoyed teaching photography through camps and in schools for a number of years. Now, I’m thrilled to be offering highly accessible and ongoing online experiences for kids everywhere.

I believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than real life. And that photography helps us express ourselves in a way that words just can’t. I’m nuts about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft that I love so much.