My Everyday

  • The first of three story-based photography courses designed specifically for kids and youth with an interest in taking photos (approx. ages 8 - 16).
  • Lessons focused on photo composition tools and expressing ideas on the theme "My Everyday".
  • Videos, ebooks, activities, & quizzes with an emphasis on self-expression and visual storytelling.
  • Challenges that get kids out there creating, practicing, and moving their bodies and minds.
  • A positive and inclusive community hub for kids to share and view each other’s stories from around the world.
Click on the "Welcome!" icon below to see the fun photography concepts you'll be learning as you show YOUR EVERYDAY through images. You'll also get a taste of what the photo course looks and feels like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the start date for "My Everyday" course?

There is no specific start date. Kids can start at anytime. Once the kids enroll, they have immediate access to the entire course.

2. Is there any online interaction between students and the instructor?

There are not any webinars, chats or online conferencing between students and the instructor in this course. The course is self-directed and kids work through the course on their own at their own pace.

Janet, the creator of the course, loves to see all the photos the KPA students are taking! She will comment on and ask questions about the photos that are posted in the Community Hub and is available to answer any questions the students may have through the KPA school's email.

3. How do the kids learn?

There are a variety of activities in the different sections of the course.
In each section, kids are asked to "get curious". This may involve looking at different photo examples and taking notice of what is shown in the image. At other times, it may be asking them to ask themselves questions about what their own everyday is all about. The course doesn't just focus on the How-To's of photography but also on kids pausing and reflecting on themselves and what they can express about their everyday.

Kids will learn new concepts through animated videos and ebooks that show lots and lots of examples. At times, they will be given prompts to fill out or think about that will help them in their challenges. There are also "Get it? Got it." sections in the course where they take "fun quizzes" to review what they learned.

And of course, so much of their learning is through doing! There are numerous challenges throughout the course where the kids are asked to take photos that apply new concepts yet still tell the story of "My Everyday". This is when they get out, play, experiment and take LOADs of photographs. Really discover alll that photography can provide them!

Kids also have the option to post in the Community Hub. This is an image gallery within the KPA school where kids share their images. This is a fabulous way to not only show their own work, but also see what other kids are creating.

4. How long will it take to complete the course?

Kids can work through the course at their own pace. Once a student enrolls, they have immediate access to the entire course and can work through it quickly or take their time.

There are 6 sections to the course. There are a number of activities they complete within each one of the sections. Each student will take their own amount of time to go through the material and each student will take different amounts of time taking photographs.

The will continue to use the concepts and skills they learn here every time they take photographs going forward. 

5. What is the ideal age for this course?

The ideal age for the My Everyday course is 8 -16. The age and interest levels of each kid will determine how in-depth they go with each of the course's sections.

6. What kind of camera do they require?

This course is focused on photo composition tools and storytelling. There is not any material on the manual settings of a camera.

The ROCK YOUR CAMERA series will focus on learning all about aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other more technical parts of photography. It will be available later in 2020.

8. My child has taken the 30 Day Photo Challenge for Kids? How similar is this to that course?

Thank you for taking the 30 Day Photo Challenge!! I hope they had lots of fun with it. The photo challenge was a "dip the toes in the water" introduction to photography. The Storytelling Series and the My Everyday course is taking photo composition concepts and storytelling to a much deeper level.

A couple of the concepts that were introduced in the challenge, such as Seeking New Perspectives and Using Negative Space, will be covered again but they will be applying it to how they want to express their everyday.

Created by

Janet Pliszka

I’m a mom, storyteller, and professional photographer.

I’ve always loved watching kids get curious about my camera, and enjoyed teaching photography through camps and in schools for a number of years. Now, I’m thrilled to be offering highly accessible and ongoing online experiences for kids everywhere. The
Storytelling Series has been a complete delight to create. Kids learn and develop photography composition skills while telling the best stories.... stories about themselves!

I’m nuts about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft that I love so much.